Am I DREAMING or what

Well we have been in the car hunting business for several months but seriously started looking after we got back from Ecuador. Larry sold his truck right before we left which left us down to my little Honda Civic. It's a great car, has always been very dependable but we just needed something a little bigger for when we have more people in the car. So! Our first option was a SUV. So we started looking at some and decided since gas keeps going up, we'll just settle for a car. So we both decided on one car-Saturn Aura, since I'm a all about the foreign made cars and Larry's an American car fan-it made it a little difficult. So after searching for a while, Larry surprised me and let me get my dream car-and brand spankin' new Honda Accord!!! This car will last us a very long time!! I'm still waiting to wake up from my dream! Larry was so good to me! He let me get this beautiful car and I will be forever grateful and I'm so thankful the Lord blessed us with such a great deal on this vehicle!! I honestly feel like a million dollars!!! Yes, I know it's just a car but honestly, God is so good!


The Wagner Family said...

How nice! I'm so excited for you guys. It's beautiful! You should be excited! Enjoy!!