What we're up to...

Sometimes it's hard keeping up with peole and telling them everything we're doing so I thought maybe I could post it on here from time to time. I would like to post pictures but my card reader saw the ghost the other day so I'm waiting on that to come in-then I'll post some pictures.

Right now we are getting close to the end of football season, Larry is helping coach a team here. Our kids play flag football and we have three teams here. He love doing that and gets really into it, at times a little too much but that's a guy thing. Basketball will start at the end of this month. He'll also be helping coach the JV team. We now have Friday afternoons off which we love because at 12:00 ever Friday we get to leave and go on a lunch date, go home and take a nap and come right back for some football games. We had the choice of either taking Monday or Friday and we chose Friday so I could go to games with him. Some people thinks it's crazy that we chose Friday since we have to come back after a few hours but we still like it that way. We love being involved here and even though sometimes my house suffers (cleaning wise) we get to be together.
Something to think about: I have never really thought about this until I came here. Pastor always encourages couples here-with or without kids to still go on dates-even though your're married. It is so important to still keep that time with your mate special. Even though we don't have kids yet, we still go out on dates just to spend time together and talk about things. I can't wait until we do have kids-we will definitely go on more dates :) But get back with us in about 3 years-that's when we're planning on starting our family!
We're looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with Larry's family this year! I'm ready to do some "day after Thanksgiving" shopping with my two wonderful sisters-in-law who I love and am so thankful for! I wished we lived closer than we do. I never had a sister growing up-which I had one and she would have been like me-I understnad why the Lord didn't let me have one-I would have killed her!
So I got my house decorated for Fall. This is the beginning of my favorite time of year. I love it!
Well, until the next time, I'll keep everyone updated on what's going on in the Wright household.


The Wagner Family said...

We love you too! And can't wait for Thanksgiving!!