My Salvation

Today we had a family in the church whose father passed away. He was 75 (I think) years old. As far as the family knows wasn't saved. When Larry and I went to the hospital this morning just before he was taken off of all the machines-that's when it all hit me-how thankful I am for my salvation. I couldn't imagine knowing that when I die which could be at anytime that I was going to hell. The family had tried for years to witness for him and he would have nothing to do with salvation. The other day, he had a heart attack which put him in a coma and he never woke up. I cannot imagine what he is feeling right now and I am thankful that I don't have to. This really made me think about how many lost souls there are out there going to hell everyday and what am I doing to keep that from happening. I need to be more mindful of souls going to hell, because it very well could have been my dad lying there in my hospital which I am grate both my parents and Larry's knows the Lord. Please pray for the Monczewski family in these next few days. Besides all that, the son of the man who passed-his wife has cancer (this family goes to our church) so things have been pretty rough for them lately.


The Wagner Family said...

It is quite a realization, isn't it? Great reminder.