How Was Christmas? Mine was.... well..... here's the story!

Everything was going great, we left for NC on Monday got in late Monday night to surprise my mom with her new little puppy. Tuesday Jeff & Julie & Morgan came in to visit us, Julie was in my wedding and I in hers-friends from college. That night we ended up taking the puppy back to it's owner, Mom & Dad weren't quite ready for a puppy yet. Wednesday we drove back to VA so Larry could do the Christmas story for all of the kids at church. Drove back Wednesay night, got in around 1:30 a.m. next morning was Christmas. This was a great day, we all got wondeful gifts from each other. We were so so blessed. Christmas lunch was spent at my grandparents on my mom's side of the family. Christmas night was spent at my grandparents on my dads side of the family.

Then... the next morning.... we woke up... Larry "My throat hurts, I'm sick on my stomach"... oh no way! Not again!! No please no! Don't say it!!! I ran into the kitchen and grabbed some advil, me "here take this, you'll feel better." Well, it worked for about the afternoon, then it all went down hill from there! Larry was down and out! So, Saturday morning we were supposed to be packing to leave for VA instead we went to Urgent Care. And the results were...... ready, here it is.... STREP THROAT!!!! Oh no, no no no! Can my Christmas break have gotten any worse? So they gave him two shots there, one for nausea and the other for pain for his throat. I told Larry "you'll feel a lot better tomorrow, I remember when Kenneth got this shot once when he had strep throat and the next day, he was running around." Well, not so true for Larry! Sunday morning he woke up and his throat was worse. Well, about two years ago he had gotten strep throat and ended up in the hospital with a really bad infection and stayed for three days. You see, that really would have put a crimp in my plans for this whole Christmas vacation. O.k. so back to the story, so Sunday morning I drove him back to VA and I took him to urgent care and waited for over two hours for them to see him. I was so nervous, I DID NOT WANT HIM TO GO BACK TO THAT HOSPITAL. There's just something about hospitals, especially during the holiday season, IT STINKS! So they took a throat culture again and they took him back and said his culture was negative, that was a big answer to prayer! The medicine was already working, his fever was back down to normal, and he wasn't sick on his stomach anymore. The doctor said he had no infection like last time and that it would just take time for the sore throat to go away. So he put him on a stronger medicine and we went on our way.

I know, I know, ya'll were wondering where Sedona was in all this. We left her for Kenneth to bring back so she wouldn't sit in the car for two hours! Thanks for caring so much about our little baby Sedona!

So last night, Larry ate for the first time in three days, rice and popcorn and hot chocolate. What a mix! But he's doing so much better, he is sleeping this morning and we are planning on leaving this afternoon for FL!

Don't worry about him being contagious, I asked the doctor and they said within 24 hours he's not! That was a praise! Now let's just pray that I don't get it, so far, so good! If I do, we have a whole bottle of meds that Larry didn't use!

So, despite all that, my trust in the Lord got greater this past Christmas. I'm so sad that little Barney didn't work out for my mom but God had another family for that little dog and I know they will make him really happy!

Well, here are some pics from the weekend. I could write so much more, Jeff & Julie, thank you so much for coming and seeing us, we had a blast and I'm so glad ya'll are enjoying serving the Lord where you are! We love ya'll and are thankful for friends like you!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year! We'll be in Orlando this week, please pray for safety and good health!