Day #2 (So Behind)

Doing something funky here!

Larry please come home and take me out to poop!

Good Stuff!

Trying to take a lick of my pickle! I don't think so!

Day 2-Sorry I haven't posted anything, my computer that I am using since Larry has the other one wouldn't connect to the internet so I had to wait until Sunday to have someone fix it. So, back to day 2-Friday afternoon Larry and I have off which is wonderful. I intended to keep it even though he wasn't here! So I took off to run a couple of errands for the church. One was at Costco, I love going there to eat a churro and drink a diet coke-so yummy. I probably look a little funny sitting there by myself but that's o.k. While at Costco, I picked up some pickles! I love pickles, so for that last two nights I have been eating a pickle for supper, diet Dr. Pepper and cookies-what a meal huh and no I'm not pregnant I just love pickles! I know, but it was cheap and so good. For some reason, when Larry's gone, my BIG appetite goes down a little. So here's a few pictures! Enjoy!