My Man Is Headed to Japan!

Well, this morning Larry left for a construction missions trip with 15 other guys from our church and are headed to Okinawa Japan. Here are the questions I have gotten from people:

Wow! Are you scared? (meaning to stay by yourself) Nope, got my gun and my dog!

Are you going with him? Nope! Can't swing a hammer for nothing!

What are you going to do while he's gone? Besides nothing, I will shop, go to the gym,
hang out with my friend Tina-her husband is on the trip too, catch up on all the
chic-flicks that Larry's not interested in, and definitely do some BLOGGING!

When does he get back? Next Friday

Is he excited? Yes-He has always wanted to go on the construction trip! My man knows how
to swing a hammer!

What's the time difference? 13 hours! Oh my! I'm just trying to figure what time he'll call!

Larry can do anything and everything. I know he'll have a great trip and I'm proud of him and I'm so thankful I found someone just like my dad!

P.S. Sorry no picture of him in his traveling get-up! But I'm sure he'll have lots of pictures when he gets back!


The Wagner Family said...

I'm praying for you both!