The Results....

This is everything I got today and the total is: $48.35

Am I happy? Yea, pretty much for it being my first time but I think I can do better next time.

Since this was my first time, I went to 5 different stores which I will not always do that. I just wanted to see which store was more expensive and which would be better to save coupons for later. Here's what I did:

This was my second best place I got the most deals at!

2 bags of gold fish
2 bags of chips
5 large boxes of pop tarts
1 bag of chex mix

Grand Total: $8.74 with $1.08 left on a gift card I got back from buying the pop tarts

They double coupons up to .99. Now, Giant is a more expensive place and I never shop there but since they were doubling, I tried it out and I think I can do better at Bottom Dollar just using a single coupon and it still coming out cheaper.

2 pizzas
1 box of cereal
1 box of Super pretzels
1 can of corn
4 rolls of paper towels (the only reason I got Viva is cuz I had a coupon)
1 jar of peanut butter

Total: $21.75 after coupons and rebates-I wasn't as happy here but I did o.k. I think.

I wasn't as happy with this total either. I think I can do better next time:

2 bags of cough drops
4 rolls of paper towels (again, Viva)
Brita Water filter (I'll talk about this one later-this was the most expensive thing)
2-8 packs of Dora yogurt-Larry's going to love me for getting him those!! LOL
2 cans of Progresso soup
1 travel size lotion bottle
1 jug of Hawaiian puncg
1 roll of aluminum foil
1-6 pack of Tide stain remover pens (this was my second most expensive thing)
Grand Total:$27.91

Bottom Dollar (Food Lion)

1-12 pack of Dr. Pepper (I couldn't leave Larry hanging this week!)
Total: $2.86 (I had one coupon for that)

My best deal today........


4 bottles of Listerine mouth wash
2 travel size tubes of toothpaste
1 bottle of shampoo

GRAND TOTAL: THEY OWE ME $1.36 THROUGH A REBATE CHECK! This is when I really like shopping for good deals, when you come out with them owing you!

Now back to the Brita, I'm hoping I can talk Larry into going to this instead of buying the bottle water, if he doesn't want to, that's o.k. I'll do it just for myself and it'll save a little bit with buying water in a bottle. Although we do get it for a really good deal at Costco. This was my most expensive thing I bought at Wal-Mart today and I had a $5 coupon for it and paid $10-not too bad. I think I had one of these before when I first moved up here but I then I left it in the staff house I was living in... not sure.

This was the second most expensive thing I bought at Wal-Mart. The other night at church a friend had one of these and used it and it worked GREAT!! I HIGHLY recommend one of these, I have tried the shout wipes and they never worked without leaving a big ring around the stain-how's that going to help?? This whole pack was on sale for $6-didn't have a coupon but just one was $2.56 and this pack came with two travel size ones! How convenient!

And finally, I thought I would explain the free stuff.

All Bran cereal: (I'm not sure how this will agree with my insides LOL!!)I had a $5.00 rebate and the cereal was under that. (cereal not pictured)

Listerine: I had 4- $2 off coupons, the store would give you back $10 rebate if you bought 4

Toothpaste: I had two coupons that covered more than they both cost

Shampoo: their flier said if you bought it you would get a rebate which made it free!

Can of Corn: I had a coupon that covered more than it cost! (not pictured)

I hope you understand all this, I'm with you Tammy, it makes my head hurt! I will be doing my CVS shopping tomorrow since the new ECB deals for the month start tomorrow, I do better with Larry going with me there, he's my calculator! If I get anything good, I'll post and if I don't you'll know by me not saying anything!! Have a great Saturday, I'm off to work on my hobby (I found something today to really make it look better than the first one I tried!) I'm also working on my coupon box. I bought the stuff for it today and I'm pretty excited about it, I think it's going to be cute. Hey, if I'm in this coupon thing for the long haul, I might as well make it fun!

Here's a little preview of what I'm doing with my coupon box....