Why it's More Than Just Valentines Day to Me...

3 Years Ago Today.... I Fell In Love...Kind of ironic isn't it? On Valentines Day I fell in love with Larry. I remember it like it was yesterday! He took me out on Valentines Day to Rio Grande and as we were waiting to be seated, we just stood there and talked and at that moment, I knew I loved him.

Now back it up a couple of months-I came to Temple in October of 2005 to interview for the church secretary position and while I was there I met Larry for the first time. He was here teaching in the school and helping in the youth group and doing all the computer stuff. When I first saw him, I wondered if I would marry him (he looked like my kind of man!). When I moved up the next month, he helped my parents and I move me in. After a couple of months of talking and going back and forth in my head if I really wanted to date him or not, he sat me down and told me that whether I knew it or not, I was going to marry him-it was just a matter of when I was going to accept that! After he told me that, he left me alone and after two days I couldn't stand it! I crawled back to him like a BIG BABY and I'm not ashamed to admit it!! That's how it happened-I fell in love with him on Valentines Day, got engaged on March 21 and FINALLY got married on July 8! That's why it's more than just Valentines Day to me. I love him more today than the day I married him.

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Our Engagement Picture

The Most Wonderful Day of My Life: July 8, 2006

The Newly Weds...

And here we are today! This was our Sweetheart Banquet last night!