You Know You're Getting Too Cheap When...

O.k. so I have definitely got the "cheap" blood in me now! I've got it BAD! Growing up I never had a budget (I didn't need one, cause that was an adult thing)and even when I moved up here, I didn't really have one... I don't think I had ever heard of the word "budget"-i thought that was a business thing. It definitely wasn't in my vocab. So when I got married, that's when it slowly started entering my vocab thanks to Larry. I still struggled though to keep within my budget because I just didn't keep up with it, up until NOW! I don't want to spend A DIME, I hate to pay full price for ANYTHING (o.k. except for CLOTHES-I don't think I'll ever be able to give that one up!!)that's when I know I got it bad. Last night my brother wanted us to meet him over at Sam's where he was getting his tires rotated, he wanted us to eat dinner with him. I cringed at the fact of "eating out"-WHICH I NEVER HAVE DONE THAT IN THE PAST!!!!!! BELIEVE ME! We would go out to eat several times a week just because we are always on the go.

If you have ever been to Sam's, they are the cheapest place to grab a bit to eat (and Costco which I like better since they have churros) in the entire world. So we did go meet him. I walked in and looked at the price of a drink (keep in mind I have already had mine for the day) and the price for a drink was a stinkin'.87 cents!!! NO WAY!!! I ain't paying that! So for the first time in my life, I ate something without a drink-why didn't I get water? I asked the lady for a cup for water, she just shook her head NO! I wasn't giving in, I still didn't buy a drink. I normally have to have a drink after every bite that I eat but I'm slowly training myself form this expensive habit of mine! So, the total from our "eating out" last night, it was under $4.00, I don't remember the exact cost.

We have decided though that we aren't going to give up our date lunch on Fridays and we're not going to be as tight as I am probably coming across in this posting, I don't think Larry will let me be-he'll just look at me and say "Now Kara, let's not go overboard!" Then I'll start going spending crazy again. Not really, JUST KIDDING!


Michelle ;0) said...

I totally get what you're saying!! But isn't it amazing when you realize how much you can actually live without when you force yourself to live without it?! That's the true way to save money - realizing you don't REALLY need something or you're not willing to pay for it unless it's DIRT cheap. I'm turning cheap, too! We're in the same boat, Kara!!