5K Here I Come!

This weekend was gorgeous outside! Yesterday it was 70 degrees!!!! Today is supposed to get up to 68 I think. When it's winter here in VA, it's WAY too cold for me! I'm always freezing in the winter time, no matter what. But when the warm weather comes around, I always have energy to get out and do something.

So to get to the point-we decided to run a 5K. To my husband, this is nothing since he ran a marathon before, but for me, it's something. I use to run in college with my friend Angela every morning and we would run a good distance. I also ran track in junior high-Jessica do you remember that!!!!!???? So running isn't something new, I'm just use to the elliptical in the gym. So today, I'm starting my training for my BIG 5K!!! It wouldn't hurt me to start today since I just ate 3 snickers bars, 2 Reese's cup, a piece of cake and part of Larry's, 3 breakfast bars and I'll stop there before I completely tell on myself! You can say I'm hungry!!