Dainty Stuff...

Isn't this just so dainty??? I ordered three of these several months back for baby showers at church. We haven't had any baby showers lately but I can't wait to pull them out and use them! I got them for $50 each and free shipping! What a deal....

Speaking of deals... yesterday was my deal day. I have gotten several deals but the best thing was I went to Bottom Dollar to do my "big grocery day" for the month and I bought $99 worth of groceries and had $29 worth of coupons so it ended up costing me only $70! What a deal!

Free stuff from Walgreens, CVS, & Bottom Dollar from the weekend:

2 bottles of Garnier Fructis hair gel
1 bottle of Axe shampoo
1 bottle of toothpaste
5 small bags of Doritos
1 stick of deodorant
1 bottle of Irish Springs body wash

Sorry, no pictures this time, I left my memory card!