It Saved My Life!

Yesterday as I was getting ready and fixing my hair I thought I should do my own little infomercial on something that saved my life.... here it goes!

I have natural curly hair, I have ever since I was 13 years old for whatever reason! You know how you go through the "tore up ugly" stage of not knowing how to fix your own hair, needing to wax your eyebrows and needing to wear just a touch of makeup but don't know what or how? Well, that was my problem and to my knowledge, they didn't have this back then and if they did, I missed out until a few of years ago! Here's a few examples... DO NOT LAUGH!

Let me introduce to you this great thing called the Nano Titanium by Babyliss straightner.

This thing is absolutely wonderful. Now I have had several cheap straighteners and as my hair got longer and longer, I needed something bigger, hotter and better! Larry prefers my hair straight and being up north where there's not as much humidity as there was in FL while in college I can wear it straight-if I use my Nano! Two years ago Larry got me this straightner and it's wonderful! He did all this research and I had no clue he was doing that but he and found the top two to be this one and the Chi. I had heard of the Chi before but preferred spending my money on clothes rather than a straightner. Larry got my Nano for my birthday! Surprise, surprise! The only reason he preferred this one over the Chi is because is came with a better warranty which I haven't had to use one time! I haven't had one problem at all with it. Every morning, I wash my hair, blow dry it and then straighten it and it does the job. I definitely recommend it. They cost around $100-$120 which is a little high but definitely worth the money if you have natural curly hair. So one day, if you see me on TV doing this infomercial, you'll have already heard it straight from me!


Jessica said...

I thought you had pretty hair in HS