Updates on a Few Things!

Our Pastor's wife who had the foot surgery-SHE IS WALKING AGAIN AS OF YESTERDAY!

I am still on the one-a-day drink-I still have a month's worth of DDP supply-I think I have it down no problem!

Our church (I don't think I have mentioned this before) is closing on 19.2 acres of land at the end of this month and we will hopefully have a brand spanking new church and school in about 3 years!!! We are actually able to purchase it for 1 million dollars less than we thought last month!!!

The running is going great although I'm not sure I'm going to keep it up since I have my new elliptical! I ran 2 miles the other day!!

I have thrown away A LOT LESS IF ANY FOOD than I ever have in the before!!!

THE BEST: I HAVE CUT MY FOOD BUDGET IN HALF (even a little less)!!!!!!! I never thought that could have happened!!!

My new hobby.... it's still going-slowly!! I haven't forgotten though!

And.... do you see what this is? A good friend of mine from church knew I liked Fractured Prune and gave this to me... I wonder when I'll go! I haven't been in a while!


Jessica said...

how do you run 2 miles in one day! ARG!!!