Don't Do Direct Buy...

Today we went to Direct Buy. To explain what that is to those who don't know, it's a company that sales a bunch of home stuff from appliances to doors-basically all the interiors stuff and they sell it to you for the manufacturers price. I will make this very brief. To join, it will cost you $5,400 for a two year membership and to renew after that annually for under $200. We went because we are looking at the possibility of building and just wanted to see what it was worth for us personally and for our new church building in the future. The catch is, if you go in (having to make an appointment ahead of time) and watch and listen to the presentation, view the showroom, then you must make the decision there and if you decide not to join, you can never come back again. They have reasons which I won't go into because it's boring.

I'll just say we knew all of this up front before we went so we weren't shocked by anything. But they treated us poorly and at first we told them that we were interested for our church and possibly for ourselves and they at first said yes, that's perfectly fine, by the end, they were very rude and treated us like we were stupid! And they want $5,400 from me???? No thanks! Has anyone ever tried it before? If so, I would love to hear your story! Maybe you had a better experience than we did!