I Just Gotta Say...

What a day! Everything went well with the cantata! I'll have pictures to post hopefully tomorrow. Today was one of those days where things just weren't going your way. Okay, really only two things but it seemed like everything was such a blur I can't really remember. The greatest story of today, here it goes:

We are driving back to church late this afternoon to get ready for the cantata. Larry put a tube of SUPER GLUE in his pocket (remember we are driving my wonderful car he so graciously bought for me) and we got to the church, he gets out, his side pocket rips, only it doesn't rip his pants, it rips the car seat. The glue leaked out through his pants onto the seat. So what is he doing as I type this out, looking for a new car seat for he driver's side. Need I say more about? It wasn't that big but it still needs to be replaced! Sorry, no pic this time, I'm still too depressed to go look at it long enough to take one right now. I did walk into church with an angry heart, not angry at Larry but just angry-then I thought, it's just a car and nothing more.

I didn't have a chance to look at the Sunday paper until now and maybe I'm dumb but do they not give coupons on Easter Sunday in the paper? I went through the paper 3 times and found no coupons. Oh well, I really don't have time this week to mess with coupons-on to the next thing-Missions Conference! Pictures to come, I promise!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, honestly ours was great, just busy but that's o.k. I just have to tell you one of my favorites things about Easter is these WONDERFUL THINGS I LIKE TO CALL THE CADBURY EGGS! They have been my favorite ever since I was a little girl and my mom sent me two boxes of them! And if this showed up at my door, I would be one happy girl!!!

I'll just have to post-pone my easter egg hunt until next year...

PS: I just wanted you to know that I am working on changing my blog, I will hopefully have it done after this week... these colors are getting a little old and I've got the spring fever-give me the bright colors or SOMETHING!