Productive Night...

Larry was gone to his softball game and it's way too cold for me to sit out there for two games straight in a row. So I got a lot done while he was gone!

Cleaned the house
Washed Clothes
Went to Target
Went to CVS
Did 5 miles on the elliptical (really that's not a lot, it's so much easier than running)

My CVS trip:
2 tubes of toothpaste
1 bottle of shaving cream
Total Saved: $9.50
Total Spent : $1.56

My Target Trip:
20 bags of fruit snacks
1 Gillette Fusion razor
1 bottle of shaving creme
3 snack-size bags of Cheeto's
1 bottle Vitamin water
Total Saved:$33.00
Total Spent: a whopping .66!!!!

And as I am typing this, Carolina is up 24 to 11!!!!!!!!!! I'll definitely have nubs by the end of the night! I hope they win it all!!