These Things- Making a Comback??

For our Easter cantata this coming weekend, Larry roped me into playing one of the parts in it. I haven't done any of this stuff since I was 12 years old! I realized how much sharper my memorization skills were back then! But I'm having to find shoes that will go with the theme. We are doing "The Centurion" and I was just going to wear my flat, closed-toed shoes with the buckle but something tells me they didn't have those back when Jesus was crucified! So I'm googling for shoes and I cannot believe these things would even make a comeback, but evidently they have...

There is no way in this lifetime that I would even think about wearing "gladiator sandals!" Now, I do like being in style but there are just some things I will not even consider and these are definitely one of them! I wouldn't even be buried in a pair of these things let alone walk around alive in them! I'll just keep searching for something a little different.

So I'll be sure to show you what I end up getting although I am a little scared! And maybe I'll even post a pic of my whole outfit... we'll see.