Try #2

This afternoon we went out AGAIN trying to find something for Easter. I filled my belly up before going so that my experience would be more pleasant. THAT DID NOT HELP! We tried the mall this time and Larry found this cute shirt and I really liked it but I just didn't want to pay $40 for a shirt because I can buy so much more with $40 than just one shirt. So we went to all these other stores, I found this really cute outfit I liked but Larry wasn't big on it so I didn't get it but that outfit stayed in my head the entire time I shopped which made it so much harder! After going into what seemed hundreds of stores, I went back to the first thing I saw that he found, and I broke down and bought it. It ended up being cheaper than it said and I had a $5 coupon! I didn't feel so bad then. Then I found me a skirt that I'm not sure I'm going to wear with it. I bought 2 really cute skirts last summer towards the end and I haven't worn them yet so I may do that! I'm just hoping it's not cold because I got Mudd sandals and I'm dying to wear them! I have summer-proofed my toes and they're ready to come out and see the sun!

Anyways I'll be sure to get a picture of our Easter outfits next Sunday since it's been such a dramatic thing you've had to read about!

Now we're just hanging out until we go to our friend's house. They invited us over the celebrate the husband's birthday. We're really looking forward to it... the dangerous part about it is Loretta is going to be there-SHE'S THE NUT!

By the way... you know who plays tonight don't you???