If I Could Show You My Desk!

I believe that in the whole three years I have been here my desk has never been this bad as it got this weekend! I really couldn't see my desk and I can't stand it when it gets that way! I'm embarrassed! But here's something cool, I'm getting hard wood floors and granite counter tops and I cannot wait!!!! I love granite, I have it in my house and could never go back to the other stuff! I'm spoiled, I know but you can cut anything and everything on granite and it never shows a scratch! You can also put hot pans and pots right off the stove and it doesn't burn! I love it! Not that I'm going to be cooking in my office but hey, you never know! There are times I get a little hungry at work!

So Wednesday is Teacher Appreciation Day and since Larry is a teacher (by the way this will be his last year of teaching and he'll be completely on church staff! Woo-Hoo!) and I just got a call from a parent that they are bring Costco cake to go with all the other goodies parents bring in for lunch! Oh my word, let me pause for a moment and wipe the drool from my face...

Look at the inside of that thing!

I have no idea who Ruen Tahi Imports is...

Okay, I'm good now. My favorite it the white icing with strawberry cream filled. They also have a cheesecake filling that's really good too! I just couldn't find a picture of that one. The best part is it only costs $15!!!! What a deal! Everyone around here knows that is my favorite food in the world and someone that had my name for our staff party and they got me a gift card to Costco for a cake! That's how much I like it! I know, I'm terrible! But it's so good!