Saving the Best for Last!

Since I skipped a day last week I wanted to make up for it today but I wanted to save the best one for last. I wanted to tell how I came to know the Lord.

I was raised in a Christian home and at the age of five I began to wonder what it meant to be "saved." One afternoon I was outside playing with my brother and our neighbor and they asked each other if they were saved. I had no idea really what this meant. So I ran inside and asked my mom what it meant. She sat me down and opened her Bible and showed me that I was a sinner and that God sent His only son to die on the cross to pay for my sins and all I had to do was believe in Him and ask Him to save me. Right then and there, I prayed the sinners prayer and asked Jesus to forgive me of all of my sins and to save me. I know after I prayed that I was going to spend eternity in Heaven.

At the age of 15 the Lord sent a wonderful couple into my life who would be our youth pastor and wife for the next five years. I saw how much joy they had in serving the Lord and at age 15 felt the Lord calling me into full time ministry one day. After graduating high school I attended Pensacola Christian College and began studying elementary education for two years, then changed my degree to office administration, then back to elementary education, then finally back to office administration where I would graduate with that degree. Growing up I had always wanted to be a teacher but when I went to college, the Lord took that desire away and had me study business. Having no idea why then, I see now how the Lord's perfect plan worked to a "T"!

I asked Larry the other day, "If you hadn't been called into ministry, what would you have done?" Honestly, I can't imagine not being in the ministry since I have felt called since 15 but if I hadn't I would probably have gone to Beauty school. I love hair! I love changing hair styles, I just love change. But I wouldn't change what I am doing right now for anything!

I know there are people out there that read my blog that I don't know and I'm humbled that you would even read this mumble jumble, but if you don't know Christ as your personal Savior, I hope that you would get that settled in your heart today before it's too late.

I can't imagine dying one day and spending forever in hell. Each morning when I pray the first thing I thank the Lord for is sending His only son to die for my sins. None of us deserve it but He loves us so much that He wants to spend eternity with us, all we have to do is trust in Him.

And the rest is history, after graduating college, I prayed about what ministry the Lord would have me serve in as I had mentioned previously that plans had changed right after college. I just took the summer, worked and asked the Lord to open a door for me to serve and He did far more than I could ever imagine.

Today I am SO thankful for God bringing me to Temple Baptist, not only for bringing Larry into my life, not only for my WONDERFUL job that I love to go to every day, but for allowing me to serve Him when He could have picked someone else to do this job. Yet for some reason.... He picked me.