Could It Be Age?

Today I'm sitting at my desk and my leg itched... so the natural thing to do is scratch it. It was a pretty bad itch too, I mean, I had to hurry up and do whatever it took to fix it. So I did and I looked down and something was going on... and it won't NORMAL.

This goose egg bump was appearing and turning blue like a varicose vain was forming on my leg! Oh no way, not yet! I do have a few of them but PLEASE! I don't even have children yet. These things aren't supposed to be happening to me. I mean, that's why I have put off having children, cuz then that's when your body starts going down the hill right? Okay not really, I'm still polishing my patience. So I see this and to be honest, my body doesn't handle anything gross like that. I was thinking that a vain was like getting ready to explode, I'm serious, that's what it looked like.

I pass out very easily, no I didn't today. I just stood there looking at my leg while everybody else was doing their normal thing around the office. Then I got Larry to look at it-yea to him nothings as dramatic to him as I make them out to be. I mean he cares but not like girls do-we tend to over react. Ha! At least I do anyway.

So it went down and it looks like a nasty bruise. I have no idea what happened, if it has something to do with growing old... I JUST DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

Some day I'll share my passing out experiences... those are great stories.


T said...

I was just thinking is that Karas twin sister on her blog...hahaha..girl you make me laugh everytime I read your blog. Thanks...T