She's Yours...

Larry says that Sierra is my dog and Sedona is hers.
Reason: She Eats Her Own Poop!

So why would that make her my dog?

Last night I was vacuuming the stairs so I decided to "trust" my dogs and leave them a lone for a few minutes in my room with the door closed. The whole time I was thinking... "I probably should go and check on them," so I did. I opened the door and Sedona was sitting at the door with this look on her face like she was saying "she's doing something bad" and I looked over there was a flattened drop of poop with teeth marks all in it. I'm not sure how much she had feasted on... but it was one bite too many!

So I leave you with this picture... and no it's not from last night! I wouldn't do that to ya'll!

Sedona is so patient, maybe that's why Larry claims her!