Sweet Peace...

No, we haven't decided to give Sierra away...

But since we came back with the little monster, we've had little peace. Then our Pastor's wife which I don't think I mentioned before that she was the one that got the sister-told us to give her a rawhide. We have tried them with Sedona and quite frankly, they're gross. Sedona had bigger-squared ones and I'm just not that big on having this wet, soggy mound of mush lying on my floor for me to step in and go between my toes, I don't live like that around here. But she brought us a little skinny stick and we thought we would try them and we came to the conclusion:

It's the greatest dog sitter in the world! So we went out and bought a whole bag of them and since then, it's been sweet peace.

So it's Saturday and I don't have a wedding to do! What am I going to do with myself? I can think of tons, so we're off!

Have a great Saturday. Hope it's as nice where you live as it is here in Virginia!