Attention: All Craigslist Users...

Okay so I was looking on Craigslist last night for really no reason and I stumbled across a set of table and chairs. I don't need it, I'm quite happy with mine, but I thought this set was adorable. I emailed the lady and asked if it was still available and what condition it was in. She said it had a couple of scratches and a stain on the chair. So I thought, okay, we can probably refinish the surface of the table and make it the cherry color to match my kitchen cabinets. So the scratch isn't a big deal-the stain, I thought since she said it comes out, it's probably just a little one. So I asked her if she could just send me pics of the scratches and the stain.

The scratches were minor but this is what floored me:

I'm sorry, but PEOPLE!!!! Come on now! That's DISGUSTING! Who knows what that mess is and I really don't want to know!

So in all of this, I thought, if I was the person in charge of craigslist, I would add this little rule for people to agree to before posting their item(s):

ATTENTION ALL CRAIGSLIST USERS: If you are interested in selling an item or two or three for someone else to purchase, take pride in and enjoy.... make sure your pet has not used it as their litter box! Clean up the poopy!

Okay, so it's probably not poop stains but shouldn't you want to clean something up before trying to sell it if you really were wanting to get rid of it?

So I say all this in just having fun, maybe she ran out of cleaner... LOL!
I might ask her if she'll pay me to come and get it...

Here's the whole set, isn't it adorable?


The Wagner Family said...

It is cute and gross but we could easily recover those cushions!

Sara said...

ew gross! but I guess it depends on how cheap the set was. I would definitely think it would have to be a good deal b4 purchasing something with all those stains. But you're right!