Good Luck!

Here's my next one I'm working on. This one is for Loretta's K-3 classroom. The colors she wanted was red, blue, green, and yellow to match her classroom. I'm hoping to be done by this weekend before I leave. I'm so particular when it comes to making these, which I guess isn't all bad but I drive myself nuts sometimes!

Don't forget today is the last day for the free canvas contest!! I will take all of the entries from each post and draw a name and will announce it tomorrow! If you haven't posted entries, go back and post! The more posts, the better chance you have!


So I'm curious, what's your hobby?


The Wagner Family said...

Hobby!? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Actually, I guess raising

The Wagner Family said...

(don't know what happened with the rest of my comment)

...Monarch butterflies would be mine. Weird, I know!

T said...

I thought Jenny meant raising as in kids. Sounds like a good hobby to me. Who has time for hobbies, well I guess I would say reading, scrapbooking and shopping. When I have time.....Tammy