Honoring Those Who Served...

Yesterday after the morning service, our church did a steak dinner for those who have either served or are currently serving in the military. So guess who went and bought all 70 steaks? WE DID! Yesterday on our way home from Arlington Cemetery we got them, brought them home and Larry wanted to cut the bone out of each steak, then brought them in today for the guys to cook. Everyone in the grocery store kept looking at all those steaks and asking where our party was... sorry not the kind of party you're wanting!

Steak to Larry is like cake is to me... my favorite food in the entire world! I do have to admit, Larry is the best steak cooker ever! He knows how to cook a good steak!

And here they are chewing on the bones we cut from the steaks... not really!
Hey, something's gotta keep them occupied while we work!

I think they're becoming best buds!


The Wagner Family said...

That is a lot of meat!