My New Camera!

(I look like a goon here!)

I ended up getting the Nikon D90 with a 18-200 mm VR lense. (I'm ridiculously afraid of dropping and breaking it!!!!! Aggggh!!!!) It was between that and the D300. The reason I went went the 90 over the 300 was because it had the video recording option whereas the 300 didn't even though the 300 was a step above the 90. I eventually want to get into some classes and get better to where eventually I can save Tammy lots of money and photo shoot her kids!! LOL!! The store I bought it from offers classes so soon I'll get into some of those.

In the meantime, I'll just keep reading the manual and keep shooting!

So here it is.


Wendy said...

Nice camera! Like the lense too. Our lense has a range of 28-135. It's kind of a pain because you can't be too close to the object. We would eventually like to get one that goes lower than 28. Let me know how you like it. We have a Canon . . . Tim is soo much better with!!

Mrs. Wagner said...

Jealous! Especially of the video part and the lense!

Patti S. said...

You need to have Lance and Kim give you some pointers. I know Andrew learned a lot from the photo class he took at school.