OH Junior Camp!

Each year Larry and I take the little juniors to junior camp-although I'm not too sure we became the ones for this journey! The Pittman's say it's to keep us from having kids anytime soon and well, I can say it works! We go to Camp Anchorage although next year we'll be going to a closer camp about two hours away. The week really isn't that bad, the worst part is the 7 hour drive to North Caroline while the highlight of my trip is getting to go to Bojangles since they don't have those here! We always go at least twice when driving through the Promise Land!

We usually take around 30 kids and when we get there, it's time for Larry and I to relax. We usually take a TV series with us to watch the whole week. We're currently on 'Alias' (anybody ever watch that?oh so good!) and we'll be done with that one by the weekend! They have counselors there to take care of them the whole week and they are great counselors, we're just there in case something happens! Which thankfully, nothing ever has! Larry will be preaching the services which I LOVE hearing him speak, maybe because I'm married to him!

Okay, so you really wanna know why I'm excited about next week?MY CAMERA IS COMING IN!! I'm having it shipped there so I can play with it the whole week! Woo-Hoo!!!!

I leave you with a sweet little goober...