Yours is Better Than Mine...

This is what we were taking the picture of... (this was my second try)

Yesterday Larry was taking a picture of emblem thinger -oh what's that called??!! I can't think of it-anyways and so I saw it and thought "Oh man, that's good, let me try." Well, this one is mine-it's struggling BIG TIME but I thought Larry's was really good... his is the one below.

This is the little emblem thinger on the side of our treadmill and Sedona's cage is in the background blurred-is that not neato?? I thought it was.

Here is a picture of Brice's sign-I'm just starting to paint it. The picture looks a bit yellow and the green looks boogery green but it's really not. But it gives you some idea. I'm painting it to match his bedding which is VERY CUTE!


Wendy said...

Very cute!! I showed it to Brice and he got a BIG smile on his face and started jabbering . . . not sure what he said, but it sounded like he liked it!! LOL

The Wagner Family said...

Cool pics and sign!

Did you try changing the white balance to get better color?