"Cut & Tell" Blog by Bre!

I wanted to tell ya'll of this new blog "Cut & Tell" created by my SIL's (and mine when I'm in Orlando!) hairdresser in Orlando! You gotta become a follower! She is just a cute little hairdresser and she has two adorable little girls! She always does such an awesome job on my hair and everytime I'm down there, she saves my roots!

She'll be having free giveaways, answer any questions you have about hair AND share stories straight from the chair (and we know with a salon chair come loads of drama!) So hop on over and check it out and become a follower! I'm so excited that she's doing this! Now we just need Tammy to start one!!!! :)


Bre said...

how fun...I found your blog on tammy's...so now I can keep up with ya...thx for the shout out.. your so dang cute! Hopefully u can find someone to do your hair up there dang it!! luv ya bre