My Kind of Night!

Larry with his team...

We have switched our Friday afternoons off to Mondays since Larry coaches football games on Fridays. So yesterday we left, grabbed a bite to eat and went home and watched Law and Order and SLEPT! I guess we needed it! So then I asked Larry "what are we doing tonight?" He said go get ready, we're going somewhere. OH I like those words! I guessed it, He took me shopping! I never had good luck when I shop with him. Because I know he's not one to go out for hours upon hours and look for the best deals. But for some reason, WOW! I really made out this time him being with me! I mean, he had to slow me down! He took me shopping for my upcoming birthday since he knows that's the one thing I will always want -CLOTHES!

I even set aside my normal desires for food (maybe because I pigged out at lunch!) and went at it until about 8:45, then I felt sorry for Larry and we grabbed him something and ran home.
I leave you with some pics from our football games...

We even bring the dogs

And he refs other games from time to time (Kenneth and Larry)