It's Okay to be Lazy!

Yes every once in a while it's okay to be lazy and that's what this weekend consisted of. It was nice and rainy on Saturday so we rented a couple of movies and just watched them and did nothing. We only had one "social gathering" we had to attend on Saturday and there was no way we were missing that. The Pittmans had the choir and orchestra over that evening and they had steaks. That's what drew Larry and the bread pudding is what drew me. Now of course we would have gone anyways but the food helped! Susan makes this oh so good yummy bread pudding. I have made pumpkin bread pudding by Paula Dean and it was good but just not as good as hers.

That's what I LOVE LOVE LOVE too about this time of year. Starbucks starts selling their pumpkin spice latte and it's definitely one of my favorites! I can eat ANYTHING pumpkin.

October is almost here! Time to pull out the "Harvest-y" decorations! I can't wait!! I just gotta go digging through all the tubs upstairs and find all of them.