My Pa & Nana...

Growing up I always lived within a few miles of my Pa and Nana. We would always go over there whether it was because they were keeping my brother and I or just to go. They lived on about 10 acres up until I was 12 years old, then they moved about 8 miles down the road where they are now. I could go on and on about where they use to live-all the memories I have of that place, I still have dreams about that wonderful place. We had the best Christmas Eve's there, the best birthday parties, the best family get togethers- the best times ever. I literally will have dreams about going back there and spending just one more Christmas eve there, it's just a place I will never ever forget. My Pa grew up there, he lived there for over 60 years. For them to move, it was hard but it was something they wanted to do. They now live in the same subdivision as we do, just the next street over. We moved there a year after they did. I am VERY close to my Pa & Nana. I have my Nana's crooked pinkie and little crooked toes and I'm pretty sure I have her appetite too! We both love our food. For me to move away and not have the usual shopping trips (she taught me how to LOVE shopping and shoes!), the putting up of the Christmas tree, the Christmas baking, going with her walking, getting her hair done-I miss that so bad. But yet I know this is where God wants us to be.

My Pa is turning 80 next month and I'm really hoping I can make it to his party that our family is having for him. It will be such fun time of celebration. I would love to see all of my family again... maybe we'll get to make a quick NC trip! If we do, I'll definitely have pictures.