Full of ENERGY!

Larry and I are still training for our half marathon-slowly as I mentioned before! Every night we come home from work we either have something to do or you just don't really feel like spending your night trying to burn fat off of your body (oh especially when it's cold and getting dark earlier!) and then there are days where you just feel like this...
So I started something new two days ago. When am I ever not doing something every day and will never fill that time with anything profitable? MORNING TIME! I don't really mind getting up early-Larry does. So we have an excercise bike downstairs that's SUPER quiet. So the past two morning I have gotten up, taken Sierra down with me and did the bike and I have SO MUCH energy when I'm done. I feel like my day just goes so much better!

You should try it sometime-yeah and maybe your'e like Larry, not really a morning person but if you are somewhat like me-it's worth trying. And I don't have to worry about fitting it in when I come home. Now, we are still running but if we don't run in the evenings, I won't feel guilty!