I Really Want a Pumpkin...

Growing up we would always get a pumpkin when halloween came around. I loved carving it! I had so much fun doing that. So I have carried on the tradition even though I'm not a kid anymore. But I didn't realize how hard it would be to stop and pick up a stinkin' punkin! They're on every corner here in VA and I can't seem to find the time to get one. What I really want to do is one day take my kids to a pumpkin patch -they have soooo many neat ones around here-and spend the day doing that kind of fun stuff and bring home like 10 pumpkins. No, not one for each kid-I don't think I'll have that many but just to have a lot of them. I better get me a big wrap around porch if I'm planning on filling it with pumpkins!

So yesterday in staff meeting it was mentioned that someone needed to help drive on Friday for a field trip in the school and they were going to the pumpkin patch. Well from time to time Larry will help drive if the other guys can't do it. So I was sitting there just hoping that he would volunteer to go pick them up so I can go with him to get me a stinkin' punkin! Well, he said the words "I'll go pick them up." I said "yes! I can get me a pumpkin!" Yea, all the guys looked at me like I was crazy (I am the only girl in our staff meetings-way out numbered) So Friday I'll be riding with him to go and pick up the kids and to get me a pumpkin!!