Can We Lemon Law It??

Well folks, I have to admit, the day has come where I am HIGLY disappointed with Honda. We have had little things here and there, not wrong with the engine but the body of the car. Rattle here, rattle there, stearing wheel column broke here, they scratch my gear shift there-oh yea. That's right. I know they make one of the best cars out there but sometimes they just make a bad one and I think we bought that one.

We are having to take my car back in for the second time to have the stearing wheel column replaced. Last year about this time it just broke on it's own, they replaced it, gave the car back to me with a dirty seat and a scratched up gear shifter (but hey, I'm not bitter at all, can you tell?!). I did make them clean my seat off while we were there, I couldn't have imagined if it wasn't leather-how would it have come off?

I know every ding, scratch and dent on my car-NONE until they fixed the column. But I moved on with life and just let that scratch be a little reminder to never take it to that particular shop agian.

So this week or next, we will be taking in the Honda to have it fixed AGAIN. Someone told me that if it happens a third time, they have to lemon law it. I'm not sure about that but hey, if they do-our next dream car is the Tahoe. We're having to wait a couple of years for that one. But I will admit, we have looked at them once or twice!

When I called Honda and asked about getting it fixed for the second time, I told him my whole story about growing up always having a Honda in the family, wanting it to be my family car, it being my dreamcar blah blah blah-yeah he had to listen to my whole background before me asking what to do...poor Honda man.