It's Official!

The weather man announced today that we will probably get up to a foot of snow this weekend!!!!!!!! My parents in NC will even get some!! It will start tonight and go into Sunday morning!!!!!! Am I EXCITED? Ummmmm YEA! I was going nuts last night at the dogs and they just sit there staring at me. Yes, I'm like a big kid at Christmas time but I love snow, I love being "snowed in" although we really wouldn't be. I told Larry I needed to go to Wal-Mart tonight to get milk and bread. He said "Why?" I said "cuz that's what everybody else does when they hear snow is coming." Except I wouldn't get bread and water, I would get DDP & Ice Cream. That's just way better. So I really just need to pick up a few items before our trip-that's all.

Well, today school lets out at 12 p.m. and it'll be quiet around here. We took our half day Monday so we will be working until 4:30 today.

Our house has reached 52 degrees inside! No LIE! This morning I got up to do the bike in the other room and the clock said 52!!!! But it felt good exercising in there! Now, don't be thinking "awww, they can't afford heat." Yes, we can, we just choose to wait as long as possible to turn on our heat just because we like to see how cold we can stand it. Our room is a NORMAL temperature, we bought a nice space heater and it's nice and toasty. The dogs both stay in our room while we are gone so they are toasty too. I do have to admit, it's cold when I go iron in the other room or when I have to run downstairs to get something to eat but other than that, it's all good and yep we got a $50 electric bill! LOL! I know, don't worry, we won't do this when the kiddos start arriving in the Wright household.