It's Gonna be a Good Day...

I got to talk to Larry last night right before church! He called my phone and of course it had just died but he called Mrs. Pittman's phone and I got to talk to him. It was short but sweet. He also emailed me today and they were in Singapore. I have no clue where they are right now but I think they're in the air. I get to see him tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a good day it's gonna be.

We are supposed to be getting snow, nothing like we had before Christmas. I think I'm about tired of snow now. We've had our share of it. It's about time for it to warm up. I think my parents might be getting a good amount... I'm hoping for their sake they do. My MIL is really wanting to see it snow here since she's from FL so they really don't get to see it. I think her wish is coming true tomorrow night. It can snow all it's wants, just AFTER Larry gets in.