Ann Taylor & Snow Storm...

Larry and I were talking about doing something crazy because all the news people tell you to stay off the roads starting now until the storm ends. Well, that's all you gotta tell Larry and he's OUT on the road, not that we are rebels but just because it's fun to be out when you're "not supposed" to. We did go for ice cream last time but this storm is definitely bigger than the last one before Christmas! So I just pulled up a $20 off of $20 coupon at Ann Taylor and I'm thinking we may be heading to Tyson's Corner tomorrow to use that coupon!!! They had this last year, I just don't remember when it was exactly. Maybe I can find me a cute dress!

We got off of work this morning around 11. Ran to Wal-Mart (Loretta-I got that makeup you were telling me about-I should text you but my phone is downstairs) and got some stuff to make chili out of our deer meat. We bought a deer or parts of it (who knows) from a friend of ours-Victor (Tina's husband) and we have already make one pot now onto our second pot of chili.

I'm just up in my room watching the news and the snow fall while Larry's out shoveling snow. They are saying we will probably get around 30 inches... this snow is heavy and definitely prettier than the one before!