Another Snow Storm Coming...

Well, we are in for another HUGE snow storm starting this Friday-they are saying anywhere from a foot to 2 feet or more. We had 5 inches of snow last night and there was no school today. It was a very pretty snow because it was sticky and it all stuck to the trees... then melted off. Unfortunately I had WAY too much work to do today for our service tonight and Bible study starting back up tomorrow. So we came in around 10:30 and went until 5:15 today. You know you're way busy when you don't even break to go to the bathroom. Wendy told me that when she trained me that sometimes you will forget to go and you do! Speaking of Wendy-are you out there? I haven't heard from you?!

I'm sorry I haven't posted more pics from Larry's trip! I have attempted to twice now and both times it just hasn't completely happened. I have not forgotten though. Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have more posted.

Well, we're catching up on our shows that we missed while Larry was gone... on to NCIS.


Wendy said...

LOL I just commented on the "donut" post before I read this. It was always a bummer when a snow day fell on Wednesday - no day off for church staff. I still remember those crazy days when you forget to even go to the bathroom - Tim would always get on to me, but I just forgot! :-)