This is just one of my many favorite stores I like to shop at. I think they have great prices and good stuff. The hard thing is that I do shop out of the junior department and some of their stuff is a bit strange but most of the time it's nice. Sometimes it's hard balancing the pastor's wife wardrobe and nice and snazzy wardrobe.

They are remodeling and I am benefiting EXTREMELY from it. No lie, I have already gotten a grand total of 6-$10 off your next purchase coupons. You just have to spend at least $10 and that's it! I think they're really wanting to keep their most faithful customers (and faithful I am) during their remodeling process. It don't matter to me if they plastic all over the place, as long as I can see their products, I'm good!

Yesterday we went and I got some running shorts, a black dress, a watch battery, and a soap/lotion set for the grand total of $8. How did I do that? MULTIPLE EMAIL ADDRESSES REALLY HELP. They sent these to each of my emails and so I got 3 of them. Then yesterday when we were checking out, they gave me two more. My first one I got was several weeks ago when I was shopping, they just gave it to me.

Larry hates them because he says they always make him spend money even if its free $10, you always end up spending more... well, that is true.