New BFF...

Last night we went over to some friend's house for Larry to record his voice on the PNG video. They'll be showing their video from their mission's trip this Sunday night and it's really good! I've already gotten to see most of it! Well, they have a little yorkie and her name is Sweet Tea and SHE IS ADORABLE!!! She's definitely a great people dog, unlike our little monster. So we brought over Sierra and I think she now has a new BFF. They had a ball! We just laughed the whole time at them. She slept REALLY good last night after her little playdate.

Sierra looks so much bigger than her but it's because she's go to much hair. They're actually the same weight! She needs another hair cut but it's just funny it being so floppy on her.

I have missed a couple of days blogging. As normal, it's been crazy. I'm happy to say that I'm back into my normal morning routine, waking up at 5:30 and doing the bike for 45 mins. It's nice because I let the dogs run around in the room while I'm exercising and they have fun chewing on each other (more like Sierra chewing on Sedona).

I'm getting deeper in my book and I love the fact how the author backs up EVERYTHING she says with Scripture. It's not just what she thinks. I think this book will be a helpful resource one day when we have our own church and with helping other build a strong marriage!

Today is our half day! Yay! We're actually going to Friendly's for lunch. There is an elderly couple in our church that Larry has been mentoring and they both work there. So we thought we would go pay them a little visit... hope they're working today!

Tomorrow I NEED to clean the house. It's actually really nice and picked up, I just need to do some scrubbing! Tomorrow night we're going over to Victor and Tina's house. Larry HATES HATES HATES playing games but I broke the news to him that I'm brining Catch Phrase. LOVE LOVE LOVe that game. It's really the only game that I really enjoy. I was introduced to it when I first moved here. I crack up laughing the whole time. You should try it sometime. No joke, you laugh the entire time!!! It's a good group game. This is it:

Happy Friday, ya'll! I'm ready for some warm weather!