Papua New Guinea Post #2

There are so many stories I could tell ya'll from Larry's trip. I really enjoyed getting to hear all of the stories.

Here are a couple of things and then I'll write one story for now:

They got a total of 13 inches of rain while they were there...

They were able to lead 5 people to the Lord while they were there!

A pineapple only costs 8 cents! Wowzers!

Larry said he would never make fun of my wide feet ever again, he said their's was almost twice as wide as mine! Yea, total Laugh Out Loud!

The kids absolutely LOVED getting a Jolly Rancher-something so simple as that got them so excited!

Since they got back, a tornado came through! Noone was hurt but several huts were destroyed and the antenna on Matt's house snapped in half. Their little girl's trampoline is MIA... they still can't find it!

Ok, here's a quick story. Matt hired an "officer" to guard as they were building the hangar and the officer's name was David. David and his wife a while back had lost their baby due to lack of medical help. Recently a prostitute had come into their house and delivered a baby. The mother was just going to dump the baby in the river (there is no justice system over there so they can do whatever they want to) and go on. Well, David and his wife were able to keep the baby and they will raise the baby as their own. The mother gladly gave the baby up.

David is not saved. In order to get formula over there, you have to have a prescription. Well, Matt's mother is a nurse over there in PNG so every time they need formula, they have to come to her. They are hoping that through this baby, they will eventually be able to lead David to the Lord as he keeps in contact with them.

So many people here in the US cannot have children and would like to adopt and the process is so long and tedious while over in PNG there are children being dumped in the river because the mother doesn't want the child or cannot take care of it. I'm so thankful for the country we live in.

Here is the beginnings of the hangar...

This is the Allen's house. He built himself. When they first arrived in PNG, they lived in a hut for 6 months just like the natives while he was building their home.

This is a clinic that once had a doctor but he didn't stay. Now there is no one using this clinic and it has all this equipment going to waste not being used...

Cute kids....

The airplane they flew in on that can only hold 3,000 lbs.

About to fly into PNG...

I'll post more tomorrow since I'm sure we're going to be bored the next few days!