The Rest of Valentine's Day...

One of the things I got Larry this year for Valentines was a Harley Davidson t-shirt. Long story about the t-shirt but I'll make it short. When we first got married, I jokingly in front of him put it in the goodwill bag, well I forgot to pull it out. He had gotten that shirt when he bought his Harley years ago. So I finally bought one to replace that one.

I also gave him a "one day rental" for a Harley bike for when we're in Hawaii (or wherever he wants it). He thought he would never ever get me on one (my cousin was almost killed on one, actually, Lexie's dad) so I told him I would do it but it has to be before kids.

I also gave him this picture of us for his office. I thought the frame went perfect with the Sepia picture...

Here are my flowers that he gave me... my favorite kind of roses are tipped ones. I have always like those so much! These are beautiful!!!

We went to the bookstore the other night and we decided to pick up a book to read over the Valentine's weekend. Larry and I want our marriage the best it can be for the Lord and we're willing to do whatever it takes to make it that way! Here it is... I haven't finished it but so far it's REALLY good.

Our Monday was nice and relaxing. We just went out to breakfast and then to the grocery store. Actually, I got a butter biscuit from CFA and a large ddp and Larry got him two donuts from Shoppers. It was good! Nice relaxing day and we have a two hour delay this am! Woo-Hoo!


Tammy said...

Love the picture. That is on of my all time faves of Larry. Can you send me that one. The roses are beautiful.