Slight Obsession of Mine...

My brother went home this weekend and brought me back a goodie bag from my mom and dad. I always love getting goodie bags from home because you never know what's inside of them. It's always just fun little stuff. It's like when you got a package in the mail at college OH I LOVED THAT!

So in my bag not only do Larry and I benefit from it, the doggers do too. They got them two UNC chew toys and boy are they going to be so excited. I could tell they were getting a bit bored from the toys they had so they'll be happy when they get these.

BUT also in the goodie bag were baby Cadbury Eggs. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh my soul. I love those, NO I have an OBSESSION with those. The bag was at my office last night so this morning I opened it and there they were, so at 8 a.m. I opened them and had three. I then proceeded to Larry's office and said "here, you're my self control today, keep these away from me since I've already had 3 of them." I don't know why, yes I do. I know why I like these so much, they have pure sugar in the middle of them and that's the way I like my food. Ha!

Slight obsession sometimes just taken to the extreme... I love these things. I'll start my sugar diet tomorrow... LOL

Thank you mom and dady for my goodies, I love them all!