Not Much Going On...

Well, I can say that there's not much going on here. Our weekend was nice and slow for the most part. I kept meaning to say that we are not running the half marathon this month due to so much snow on the ground, we just weren't able to train like we needed to between that and Larry's trip. I would definitley not finish the race! Kind of a bummer because we had really began training for it and I was pretty excited to have said I ran a half marathon but at the same time, ahhhhhhhh! I don't have to run so far!
Eating Healthy: This isn't my favorite thing to do but I'm working hard at it. I'm not going overboard though, I'm not one of these people who looks at the back of every box of something I'm eating and makes sure it doesn't have anything bad in it. No way, I'm not going to do that to myself or I'll shoot myself in the foot. I did tell Larry that I'm making myself accountable to him and telling him EVERYTHING I eat, that way I'll be too embarrassed to gorge myself! Yes, that really does work for me.
Today I'm going to lunch with one of my good friends, Cindy. We've tried twice now to do this and each time something has come up!
Happy Monday!