A Sigh of Relief...

So my visit to the dentist wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was afraid he would find a cavity in every tooth Ha ha! But, he only found one which I told him about because we were keeping an eye on it because it was too small to even work on. So finally, the day has come and it needs to be filled. No big deal. I can handle that. I just told him to give me as much pain meds as he legally can cause pain is something my body just can't handle!

Tonight, we're watching our new favorite show 'Leverage' and I LOVE that show. It's so FUNNY! And we're also ordering Domino's. They changed their pizza and it's really really good now. It's definitely way better than Papa John's now!

It's nasty and rainy here today so we're in for the night!