Oh No!

Yes it's way to early to have missed a day blogging already! Ooops! I promise I'm not slacking! My apologies!
Well, where do I start! This week has been unbelievable! Yesterday we got a phone call from the guy that hit the softball that killed George. He wanted to come up and talk to Pastor and praise the Lord, he got SAVED!!! Wow! I recognized the guy when I saw him, he goes the Olympus gym that Larry and I use to go to! Small world! If one soul is saved from the death of George, it's worth it all and that's what his wife said. George would have done that in a heartbeat!
Please pray for the services tomorrow. We are thinking there could be up to 1,000 people here... not sure where we're going to sit them all but come on in ya'll! We're praying that more will come to know Christ through George's death!
We've had phone call after phone call from people who knew him. The Buffalo Wing Factory called us and the people that work there knew the family. They wanted to provide food for the reception following the funeral. George was such a well known guy!
Ok, for now, I'm off. I'll write two today since I missed yesterday!


Sara said...

Wow that's awesome. A couple of my friends that knew him and the family will be there. I hope everything goes well and that many souls will be saved!