Saturday Stuff...

Today Larry had a full morning and Loretta and I had planned last week to go to this GINORMOUS thrift store out near her house. So after I got things ready for the ordination/deacon's meeting, I ran over there with her. And this is what I found!

(Not sure why this keeps turning the wrong way so you'll just have to turn your screen the other way :)

I didn't find the jean jacket there, but just wanted to show you what I thought would go good with this little top I have under it! Good idea, Loretta! You go girl!

This little mutt came free with these shirts... ok so she just wanted to check out what I was taking pics of. No, you can't see her eyes her hair is so stinkin' long... So the one on the left was brand new from J Crew, the pink one was I think from Target with the cutest little frilly stuff at the neck-Loretta go the black one and the one in the back is black and white striped from Banana Republic.... I loved getting these deals!

We got my desk moved up to our guest room last night... can I tell you how IN LOVE I am with this desk?!! I LOVE IT! It's EXACTLY what I wanted and it was FREE! Now I'm trying to find a chair... not just ANY chair, there's something out there that I know will go PERFECT with it... I guess I'll keep searching craigslist! This thing is HUGE, way bigger than I thought but that's ok...

My parents came in last night and are helping Kenneth with more house odds and ins so we were over there today and it's just so nice outside. We brought the dogs over so they could leave him a nice little "house warming" gift :) Ok, not really!


Jaime Land said...

Hey! I am always looking for a good thrift store. Can you please share the details? :)