So Many Things...

So there are so many things I want to write but at this moment, it's too soon. One thing is you know me, I'm always trying to make something new. So once I make it this Saturday, I'll show ya! I made a "pretend" one today and I think it's so way easy! And it's JUST SO ADORABLE!
You like my white blog? Yea I had started changing it yesterday and well, haven't found something that works for me just yet! So hopefully I'll get there soon!
Pastor's in Florida this week so it's been quiet around the office. I've been able to work on things for the lunch we're having May 1. RIGHT AFTER MISSIONS CONFERENCE. I don't know how it's going to go but it's going to go!
Is the stomach bug going around where you live? Well I would say that we've had it we meaning Larry but honestly, I'm certain it was food poisoning. Last week when we went to Olive Garden for Easter lunch... yea I'm pretty sure it was that! But the stomach thing is going around here!
Ok..... for now, that's it.
I'll be back soon and hopefully with a new blog design.